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Refugee/Asylum Seeker

Should U.S. take in refugee and asylum seeker? My answer is simple: yes but balanced.  U.S. is very sympathetic nation.  In US history, we have taken in and we are still taking in a large amount refugees and asylum seekers around the world.  When I was in college, I had a classmate from Cameroon.  He got his greencard through asylum because his nation was experiencing civil war.  I was a little bit jealous because I believe that I’m much smarter and worked much harder than him, but I’m ok with the fact that he got his greencard earlier.  Should we continue to take in refugee and asylum seeker from all over the world including Central America, my answer is yes. However, it is unrealistic and wrong that people can just march to the US border and be let in.  Even US is a big nation, it is unreasonable and unrealistic for US to absorb all the refugee and asylum seekers in the world.  There is NO war in Central America.  At same time, many immigrants from the World are waiting in the line to try to get in.  From that perspective, I support President Trump to send troop to US border and make sure our border is secured. How to achieve the balance?  My answer is we need to take a systematic approach to tackle this issue.  A secured border and a strong immigration court system are a good starter.  It has to be case by case determination and has to be decided by immigration court and USCIS.   

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